Okluma Ti TinyDC

by Andy

I’ve always loved flashlights. They are an awesome tool that helps you see in the dark. Over the years, this simple device has definitely evolved a lot. I remember owning the giant triple or quadruple D-cell Maglites back in the day. It could even serve double duty as a weapon.¬†Fast forward to today and you have technology that allows you to hold 1000+ lumens in the palm of your hands. Darkness be gone!

Behold, the Okluma TinyDC in beautiful blasted and tumbled titanium! I’ve always had my eye on this light due to the overwhelmingly number of positive reviews. Finally it has arrived and I must say, it doesn’t disappoint. It is insanely bright and the color tint is perfect. It can also be programmed to suit all my needs. The driver allows me to add as many or as few modes as needed and also allows me to program the brightness level for each mode. I also made a couple of modifications such as a clear/white tailcap and upgraded to a fluorosilicone o-ring.